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Couples Special

A complete disconnection with your partner will make this Special Treatment an unforgettable experience.

The Thermal Circuit includes sauna, hammam, indoor heated pool with jacuzzi, sensation bank and waterfalls, outdoor pool, heated loungers, cold well, sensation showers, gym and open spaces.

You can enjoy it for an unlimited time. Recommended time: 2 hours.
We provide you with a hat, slippers and towels. You only have to bring your swimsuit (mandatory).
We have a changing room area with showers, hair dryer and lockers.

The Sensations Ritual (45 min.) consists of a complete massage with hot oils and aromatherapy, ending with a nutritious skewer of natural fruits and a glass of cava.

* Appointment required.

160 € Price for 2 people
10% VAT not included

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1. I have purchased a Gift Voucher and I want to change it for a different one. Can it be changed?

No, It can only be changed under specific conditions which will be assessed by our Gift Voucher department.

In the event of a change with a lower price, the difference will not be reimbursed, nor can the voucher be split for use on more than one occasion. In no case will the voucher be refunded as a cash payment.

2. I have been given a gift voucher. When do I have to use it by?

Your voucher has a life of one year from its issue date. Except vouchers which include accommodation which are not valid during the high season (01 June to 30 September)

3. I have made a booking at a Hotel with a Gift Voucher but something has come up and I am not able to make it. Can I cancel the booking and keep the Gift Voucher?

Yes, as long as it complies with the Hotel’s cancellation policy. In the case of a no show at the hotel at the time it was booked, you will lose your voucher.

4. I have tried to make a booking with a Gift Voucher but they have told me that I cannot use it during the dates I have in mind. Why is this the case?

The bookings admission for Gift Vouchers is subject to room and services availability at the Hotel.

5. I have been given a gift voucher, but I don’t want to use it. Can I exchange it for cash?

No. We cannot change, split or refund gift vouchers.

6. Do I have to bring the physical Gift Voucher with me on the day I use it?

Yes. In order to use your gift, you are required to provide the document which accredits you as the beneficiary of the Gift Voucher.

7. Do I need to make a booking in advance?

Yes. In order to use your voucher, you need to make a booking in advance. When making a booking you need to say that you have a gift voucher and provide its reference. We recommend that the booking is made in advance so that you can use it on your chosen date.

8. Can I change or cancel the booking date?

Yes, as long as it complies with the Hotel’s cancellation policy. We recommend that you read this when you make the booking. In the event of a no show at the place and time of the booking, you will lose your Gift Voucher.

9. Are there any date restrictions for making bookings?

Gift Vouchers are subject to the minimum availability and conditions for the treatment/stay that each department applies for each date.

10. My Gift Voucher has expired. What can I do?

Contact us to see if we can extend your voucher.

11. I would like to add more services to those included in my Gift Voucher. Is this possible?

Yes, you can create your own custom Gift Voucher by adding any of our services. Contact us to help you create this.


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